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10 Facts About Scrap Cars Everyone Should Know

It’s every car owner’s intention to keep their pride and joy forever but the reality is that cars get old and at some point, fixing or repairing them is no longer viable. Despite wanting to keep it, most vehicle owners sell their scrap car in Brisbane. If you are interested in selling your scrap car in Brisbane, this article is just for you! We have compiled 10 must know facts about Scrap cars in  Brisbane.

Below is the 10 Facts about scrapping cars in Brisbane:

  1. Aluminium is the second most used metal in cars, coming after steel. Energy saved from recycling even a small size aluminium (soda can) is equal to the energy required to run a light bulb for 24 hours. Cars have much more aluminium than a can and an enormous amount of energy is saved by scrapping a car.


  1. Steel components of scrap cars can be recycled over and over again without losing their integrity. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and saves up to 60% energy.


  1. Scrapping a car saves tons of raw material. When your car is recycled at a scrapyard, 55kg of limestone, 635kg of coal and 1134kg of iron ore is saved.


  1. Car batteries are recycled very efficiently. Batteries can be recycled up to %98! This means saving 98% energy for every car battery manufactured. Despite this fact, most car batteries are thrown away, polluting nature with its toxic components.


  1. An average car has 200kg of scrap plastic that can be recycled. From the interior to exterior of the car, there are many plastic components that can be recycled after scrapping a car.


  1. Scrap cars are the source of most used parts in the market. When buying a cheap, used car part, it’s very likely that it’s coming from a scrapped car. Although it may be obvious to some, there are many people who aren’t aware that the scrap car industry also provides a big chunk of used car parts.


  1. On average, 800.000 cars are scrapped every year in Australia. This is a big number but it could be even bigger – most people are letting their old cars rot in a corner instead of getting it scrapped.


  1. Car scrapping contributes to oil recycling as well. When scrapping a car, the engine oil is mostly drained and used for different purposes and the main one is oil recycling. Tonnes of engine oil is recycled every year thanks to scrap car Brisbane services.
  2. Not 100% of the car gets scrapped. Contrary to common belief, not all parts of a car is scrapped and used for other purposes. About 20% of the vehicle is fit for scrapping and that consists of nonferrous metal parts, different fabric parts, wood etc.


  1. Scrapping a car doesn’t cost you anything! Most people are holding off their cars from scrapping because they think it will cost them. At Swift Cash For Cars, you are not paying anything to get your car scrapped. We actually pay you cash for your scrap car in Brisbane.

If you are looking for “scrap car Brisbane” but not sure about the whole process, we hope that these 10 facts may clear up your mind. Scrapping a car is the best way to get rid of an unwanted car. If you’d like to know about scrap cars in Brisbane or looking to sell your scrap car then simply give Swift cash for cars a call on 0431 313 100.