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We at Swift Cash For Cars take pride in offering cash for your old car. Just contact us and we can take a look at your old scrap car and give you money for your vehicle. This is a very simple solution but there are many great points about Swift Cash For Cars that you should take a look at. These include many services that we offer for a variety of cars.

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    • Auto Wrecker
    • Cash For Trucks
    • Recycle Cars
    • Scrap Cars
    At swift cash for cars we are also car wrecker company. We can take in your old vehicle and dispose of it properly. This is regardless of whether or not your car is actually functional. After providing you with a cash offer, we will take your vehicle and remove the parts or other items that can be used later and then wreck the vehicle. This is done to make it easier for you to get your car managed properly without worrying about it being too hard to use. Best of all, it does not cost anything extra to get your vehicle towed off to the wrecking site.

    We at Swift Cash For Cars proudly take various cars for cash but we also work with trucks. We can pay you up to $8999 cash for trucks and take not only traditional pick-up trucks but also some more industrial options that work with more intense or professional functions in mind. This is done to help you get your vehicle out of the way so it can be disposed of in a proper manner. We will even take your vehicle and remove it on the same day when you contact us for a full valuation of your vehicle.

    We offer car recycling service throughout Brisbane wide. We will take your old car and recycle it properly. The metals and other materials that can be recycled will be taken from the vehicle and repurposed for all sorts of needs. The best part of this service is that it ensures that you’ll have a vehicle that is properly worth something as you can get money off of the recycling process. This comes from the materials outside the car as well as any possible glass items that can be broken down and used for other purposes. You might be surprised at what can be recycled within your car.

    Don’t Forget Scrap Cars :
    We will also take in scrap cars that have been lying around for a while. There might be times when you could have a car that is just lying around for whatever reason. That car might not have been working for years in some cases. No matter what the issue is that causes you to have such a vehicle, we can take it off of your hands. We will take in any kind of scrap vehicle and help you get money for it. This is a great service that we offer as a means of providing you with the support needed to keep from bearing with a car that might not work or otherwise might just be collecting dust for whatever reason.

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    • Cash paid up to $8999
    • Same day service Brisbane wide
    • Reliable & Hassle free service
    • Free paperwork & towing
    • Free car valuation for any vehicle