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4 Reasons to sell an old car rather then keeping on road

Cars are expensive, so it can be tempting to keep them for as long as possible and spend some cash to keep them running. Fixing an old car can actually cost you a great deal more than you save, however, so it is important to consider the benefits of selling your car and replacing it over taking your car for yet another MOT and yet another bill of $1,000 or more. Here we explore why you should sell your old car in Brisbane and treat yourself to a new and better running vehicle:

Repair costs

The main factor to consider with an old car is the cost of repair. Repair costs can be enormous for old vehicles because cars reach a point where bits will start to break. The important thing to consider is what parts are reaching the end of their life and how much this is going to set you back. When certain parts such as the clutch, timing belt and oil sump start to give out, you are going to have to keep paying out large sums to keep it running. Repair costs on old vehicles can often outweigh the amount you save by keeping them and this monetary input could be serving as payments on a new vehicle instead.


Another key consideration to make is that of safety. Older cars are less safe and there is a risk that your dodgy oil distribution could lead to your engine catching fire. Over and above this, however, is also the development of safety systems that has taken place over the past decade. Old cars were built with fewer safety features and a new vehicle – with better airbags, better braking systems and more safety features – can simply keep you far safer on the road.

New technology

While an old car may get you from A to B, there is a lot that it won’t be able to do. If you’re fed up of changing ancient CDs, winding down your windows and locking your door with a key, it’s time to get a new car. With new cars you will get new technology including Bluetooth radios, cruise control, iPhone integration and electric keys that will just make your life easier. New technologies, including sat nav, can make a real difference to the ease of your life as you cruise around.

Fuel consumption

Finally, you should consider the fuel consumption of your vehicle. As vehicles age, their fuel efficiency decreases and this can increase the cost of driving around. With a new car, you will start afresh and you can also benefit from improved engines that are now more fuel efficient. With better engines and hybrid vehicles, you can now enjoy more miles every time you fill up and your overall running costs will decrease.

If you’re running an old car, you could be paying far more than you need to for fuel and repair. At the same time, you’re lacking in safety features and technology to make your ride safer and more comfortable. Sell your banger and get a new ride and you could be financially better off for it. If your looking to sell that old car for cash in Brisbane today and not keep spending money to keep it on the road then simply call Swift cash for cars on: 0431 313 100