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4 Ways to Sell Your Car in 2022

Are you looking to sell your car but not sure where to start?

There are various ways to sell a car, and the right way will differ according to every individual and situation. Fortunately, we have done the research for you! The following are four of the most common ways today to sell a vehicle and get the best value for your car.

You may want to consider fixing any cosmetic damage your vehicle has sustained before putting it on the market. Doing so may help increase its sale price considerably.

Cash for cars

If your car is non-drivable, unsellable, or too damaged, you can sell it for parts to Cash For Cars. Cash For Cars will pay cash for your vehicle and will also come collect it free of charge.

This is a fast and convenient way to be free of an unwanted vehicle that might just be sitting there collecting dust or be unsellable.

Selling privately

If you choose to sell your car privately, there are a few things you will need to do first before you start advertising:

Find out what your vehicle’s market price is:

This step is important because it will not only help you understand what the value of your car is, but it will also help you decide on the best asking price. There are two ways you can go about finding the market value of your vehicle: have it evaluated or do a little research yourself. You can find out how much your scrap car is worth here.

You can have your vehicle evaluated quickly, conveniently, and for free online. There are a number of websites that can provide you with the estimated market price of your vehicle. All you need to do is punch in the details (make, model, and year) and it will calculate the value for you.

However, such a valuation may not be accurate, depending on the condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle has sustained any sort of damage (car crash, storm damage, minor scratches, etc.), this may affect the value of your vehicle. In order to get a more accurate market value for such a vehicle, you may need to do a little research yourself.

What this means is, you may need to compare the asking prices of vehicles similar to yours in make, model, year, as well as condition that are advertised for sale either at car dealerships or on online advertising sites such as gumtree, carsguide, etc. Doing so will give you a better understanding of what your car is worth in the market.

Once you’ve developed an understanding of what the market value of your vehicle is, and you have decided on an asking price, what you need to do next is:

Take photographs of your vehicle:

It is important to take photos of different parts of the vehicle. This will give potential buyers a clear and accurate account of your car’s condition. So, taking pictures of the outside as well as the inside (the upholstery, steering, engine, etc.) will give buyers a clear image of what you are selling and save you from having to send such pictures to interested parties individually who may request them.

Document the details of your vehicle:

It is important to document the details of your vehicle and to be as clear and concise as possible. In short, state the obvious and the not-so-obvious. Document the features that are visible in the photos as well as those that cannot be seen in photos, such as the power steering, manual or auto, airbags, the kilometres the vehicle has done, etc. This will give buyers an accurate description of the vehicle and will possibly save you from having to answer the same question several times once your vehicle is posted.

Selling to a dealer

If you find that you don’t have the time or energy to manage everything in your life as well as keep up with queries and appointments from potential buyers, then selling your vehicle to a dealer might be the option for you. It is a fast and effective way to sell your car for a reasonable price.

It is important that you do some research before you approach any dealers. Having an idea of what your vehicle is worth will help you negotiate a fair price with the dealer. Accepting the dealer’s first offer is almost never a good idea. Be prepared to negotiate your way into a more agreeable price.

However, if you are looking to sell your vehicle quickly and bargaining is not your piece of cake, accepting the dealer’s first offer might suit you best.

Selling at an auction

If you are seeking to sell your car fast but don’t want to sell to a dealer, then an auction may be the place for you.

Selling your car at an auction often results in attaining the market price for your car without the necessity to negotiate, take pictures, compare prices, document details, etc.

Auctions are a very effective and convenient way to sell a car. With auctions being held weekly and many people seeking to buy a car attending those auctions on a weekly basis, your car could possibly be sold within a week.

Your car will be on display with its reserve price. Unless you decide otherwise, the car cannot be sold if the reserve price isn’t met.

This is an effective method for your car to receive maximum exposure with minimal effort.