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Buying a New Car vs. Buying a Second-Hand Car

There is one word that you need to keep in mind before you buy a car, and while you read through this article – depreciation. Whether a car is old or new, it depreciates. Buying a car is a huge decision and it takes a huge amount of cash out of our pockets. You need to make sure that the car you’re about to invest a lot of your savings into, is worth it.

Most car buyers in Brisbane get confused when they’re presented with two of the most popular methods of buying a car – get a new one or buy an old car from Brisbane’s used car market. Both options are great depending on the priority of an individual customer – it could be faster service, free delivery, free quotes or free paperwork.

Buying used car vs new car

In the first three years of buying a new car, it will lose about 30 per cent of its value by depreciation. This doesn’t mean that a used car is not depreciating. Honestly, is a used car is being sold – within three years or so, it probably isn’t as functional as it should be, because if it were, why would the owner want to sell it? Anyone who wants to sell an old car in Brisbane will do so only after they have gotten enough out of the car and that period lasts for five whole years.
Unless you get lucky with a car that is cheap and sort of new, the cards point towards buying an older car.


Buying a new car still has a few advantages like:

  • Novelty in technology

Of course, there is new technology that is being adopted by the automobile industry every day. We went from manual transition to auto transition with news of self-driven cars that are now being tested in real situations. A new car will have better technology, more airbags, better resistance features and much more.

  • It’s new

It’s new! The feeling of being the owner of a new car that has the ‘new car’ smell and is running efficiently. It doesn’t need repairs, doesn’t need inspection and doesn’t involve you getting stressed about it. You want a new car and you get it!

  • You get easy finance options

There is a line-up of companies offering you different kinds of finance options. You can pick and choose! You can pay in cash, by card, use finance option, pay by 5 years, whatever suits you. Again, contributing to lesser stress.


Buying an old car will give you other types of benefits such as

  • You pay less

This one’s a no brainier. You pay less, way lesser than you would for a new car. Sometimes you pay almost a third of what you would have paid for a new car. You might have to get it fixed occasionally, but you won’t spend as much as a new car in 2 years. It’s a great option for larger families that don’t earn a lot or don’t want the burden of finance. It can also be considered a great option for students who want to travel with more convenience yet don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets.

  • No need to get it financed

There is no need to put yourself in debt if you want to buy an old car in Brisbane. All you need to do is get in touch with someone who wants to sell an unwanted car in Brisbane and pay cash to them.

  • It gets you from one place to another

It serves the purpose. If you want a car as a status symbol or want it to be better than your previous one, you could go for a new car. But if your purpose is to get to work faster or to get to college faster, you just need a vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is good enough to last you a couple of years without having to pay too much for maintenance, and you’ve got a winner!

If you’re looking to sell an old, unwanted car in Brisbane for top cash, contact Swift Cash for Cars and get a hassle-free service today!