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How Much do you get for Scrapping a car in Australia?

For many car owners, one of the most pressing problems is selling a used car. What to do with a pile of metal: disassemble it in parts or scrap it for some cash? And how much do you get for scrapping a car? To answer your question, we will talk about scrap cars in more detail.

Current Scrap Car Prices

One of the questions that most haunts our minds when we want to get rid of a vehicle is to know what is the value of a car for scrapping . That is, how much can we get for it once we deliver it.

Giving a specific figure is impossible because there are hundreds of models and also many factors are involved in the valuation. However, an approximate amount can be obtained looking at the average prices of scrap cars.

scrap car prices

When scrapping your car in Australia, you can expect to get $200 – $300 for smaller cars, $250 – $400 for sedans, and $450 – $600 for heavier vehicles such as trucks and SUV’s currently in May 2021. The price you will get depends on the weight of recyclable metals in your car. The more scrap metal the car can provide, the more you will receive for your car.

What does the price depend on?

According to Swift cash for cars How much money you get when you take your car to the scrapyard mainly depends on: how much money the good parts that are still on the car will bring to the scrapyard. Cars that are going to be scrapped usually have little to none working parts so buyers cannot pay any more than the actual metal’s value.

Has the pandemic affected the scrap car prices? What is happening in the industry? Where can I get the best value for scrapping my car? If these are the questions you have, we have the answers.

Scrap metal prices are on an upward trend, meaning the prices have gone up. It is actually an ideal time for car scrapping, with higher scrap metal prices, you could sell your car for a better price as well.  A car always retains a certain economic value. The daily price of scrap, iron and other metals in and under the car is taken into account. This concerns the weight in kilograms. But the year model of the car is also important, just like the make, the options of the car and the body type. In times of economic difficulty, the car can always bring you some cash.

The scrap car can be worth more than the residual value. It depends on the year of manufacture, whether the car is younger or older than ten years, but the make, type, fuel type, the number of kilometres driven and export also play a role. The condition of the car, the extra options, the colour of the body and the demand for second-hand parts are also taken into account. The scrap car can therefore yield more than you think.

Don’t Postpone Scrapping Your Car

Your car is always depreciating and the longer you keep it, the more value it loses day by day. Why? The reason is that you can get more money for a car with some salvageable parts and the longer time passes, those parts will deteriorate as well. Sell your scrap car for cash as soon as possible and benefit from higher scrap metal prices.

Your car no longer passes the inspection and the costs for repairing the car are too high. Too bad, but the car is ready for scrapping. How does this work? How do you know that your car will be recycled in an environmentally responsible way?

Companies such as Swift Cash For Cars are licensed and insured while making sure the car scrapping is environmentally friendly with no hazardous materials left behind. The scrap car is cleaned of all liquids and other harmful substances, such as the battery. Usable parts are disassembled. Most junkyards store these parts in a warehouse for later sale. The scrap metal is then sold separately.