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Paperwork Needed to Scrap Your Car

When you have an old car that simply must go, the process to get it scrapped might seem confusing. A crucial part of this is the paperwork involved. Not knowing what legal procedures are essential to scrapping your car can be quite stressful. However when it is time to scrap the car, it is time to scrap the car and our comprehensive checklist of what you need and your options you have will make it easier.

Some Things You Should Know 

As with everything else related to your vehicle, you must conform to the law before making any related decisions. You need to remember a few key things before you decide to scrap your car.

Scrap Cars Cannot Be Driven 

Any car that has been adjudged as ‘scrap’ by a certified insurer or ‘written off’ by authorities can no longer be on the road. In this case, you will absolutely have to arrange for a car removal at the earliest.

You Need Registration Information

As a precaution against car thefts and the stolen car trade, all scrap cars must furnish registration information. If you can’t identify as the registered operator, you cannot in most cases not scrap your vehicle. 

Situations Where Vehicles Cannot Be Scrapped 

If your number plates have been confiscated by the authorities, you cannot scrap your car during that time. Since the legal troubles prevent you from cancelling your registration, it cannot be scrapped during that time. 

Authorities Must Be Informed 

Scrap cars once off your property no longer qualify under your ownership. The law of the country requires you to cancel the registration within a certain period. Certain car wreckers like Swift Cash For Cars will however take care of this for you.

Get Rid of it as Soon as Possible

While this might not be law, when you have a car deemed as ‘scrap’ sitting on your property, you run the risk of polluting your surroundings. Most scrap cars are usually hazardous and potentially dangerous to your family. 

Documents That Are Necessary

Now here arises the complicated part, you need certain paperwork to complete the job. The issue here is that each Australian state has a different set of laws and regulations. In the state of Queensland, the good news is that it is not difficult to scrap your car. To make things even easier, you can contact a professional car scrapper like Swift Cash For Cars. They are fully equipped to deal with the necessary documentation that comes with that, all you will have to provide is the registration information. 

However here is a guide of the necessary documents: 

  • Have your original registration documents and renewal statements. Even if the original registered operator is deceased, the registration must be transferred to next of kin, the estate of the deceased or another person. 
  • To cancel your registration and rightfully transfer the ownership, you will have to fill out the vehicle cancellation of registration form F3517. This along with your number plates to your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre
  • Valid identification provided by a government authority. This is needed to verify the registration documents you have provided and ensure that the car you are scrapping wasn’t stolen or involved in any illegal activities. 
  • While this is not essential, it is always a good idea to keep note of the VIN number, the certified written off copy from the insurer, proof of purchase and other bills. This is just in case of some unforeseen circumstances.

Like we have mentioned, you will usually not go through this kind of trouble if you find a licensed car scrapper. Car wreckers like Swift Cash For Cars are professionals in the arena and know the process from start to finish. Give them a call and they will provide you complete assistance with your paperwork. 

Your Options With Scrapping

When you are ready to scrap your car, you can of course have your car towed and send it to a landfill. This will however come with associated towing costs and leaves you to handle the mounds of paperwork by yourself. Apart from all this it could also be inconvenient and not the most eco-friendly option on the market. Scrapping your car with Swift Cash For Cars takes only three quick steps

Here’s how you can our access scrapping services: 

1️⃣Call 0431 313 100 to tell us more about your needs with the car and share details about the specifics of your car. We will also provide an estimate and let you know about anything we need to carry out the process. 

2️⃣We will reach your location and conduct a quick inspection. Post this we will remove the rego plates for you and offer the on-spot cash payment. After this, a team of retrieval specialists will remove it from your premises

3️⃣The scrap car will be transported to our fully equipped wrecking facility and wrecked. Since we have invested in the latest machinery and house a team of auto experts, we can take care of it in the most eco-friendly manner. 

What to Take Care of Before Scrapping 

When it comes to scrapping your car with Swift Cash For Cars, you don’t have to do much apart from giving us a call. Since we accept cars in any condition from junk to flood damage to cars that have been in accidents, we have all the necessary equipment to deal with anything. There are some things you as the seller can do to further ensure a seamless process. 

🤝Please be honest with the details about your car. This will not only enable us to give you an accurate estimation and ease up the inspection process but we will be able to bring any kind of retrieval tools necessary. 

✅Remove any of your personal belongings including documents, jewellery and other essentials. This is important because by the time you realise something has been misplaced, the car might have been dismantled. 

📃Keep the documents that have been mentioned as necessary above ready before we arrive. We can conduct the inspection process in a smoother way. This will also help speed the process and pay you out quickly.

↩️Since removals are a large part of the scrapping process, share accurate information about the location and condition of the vehicle. If it is located on your private property, please clear a path to make access easier. 

If you are considering scrapping your car in Brisbane or surrounding areas, give us a call on  0431 313 100 to weigh your options and get started.