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The SUV and its Advantages

SUVs have a lot to offer their drivers. If you are flirting with the purchase, you should, however, inform yourself comprehensively: We compare advantages and disadvantages!

The SUV and its advantages

Their appearance makes them look like an off-road vehicle, but they are not. In fact, some SUVs have off-road properties. But at the latest when you stow your holiday luggage, it becomes clear that the old station wagon is too small. In contrast, an SUV offers you many advantages.

A clear advantage is to use the vehicle as a truck. Compared to normal station wagons, they are more powerful and have a greater weight. If you go on vacation with a caravan, you will not notice the additional load. Other advantages are:

  • If you drive an SUV, the seating position is much higher than in a small car. This gives you a better view of the street. In contrast to conventional cars, this vehicle is much comfortable to drive with a better view.
  • If your model is not suitable for the outback, the car still offers sufficient ground clearance due to its massive construction. If you got stuck in the snow or mud, you quickly manoeuvre out again.
  • Similar to a large station wagon, you have plenty of space for the holiday trip. So bicycles, the family dog ​​and other luggage such as tents can be taken safely.
  • In addition, according to the ADAC crash test, the significantly larger crumple zone of the SUVs protects you better from injuries in the event of an accident.

The frequently offered third row of seats is worth its weight in gold. Take your neighbours with you or transport bulky parts, let them disappear into the underbody to save space. But besides so many advantages, there are also disadvantages. With this type of vehicle in particular, an advantage can quickly turn out to be a disadvantage.

The disadvantages should not be underestimated

Proven high accident statistics are certainly one of the biggest disadvantages. Due to the poor overview, minor damage such as parking bumps, shunting accidents and other bumps can occur. In addition, the repair costs are far above average.

  • Since the car is quite large and heavy, it uses significantly more fuel than other cars. This means high gasoline costs, which means that you also get into a higher pollutant class due to the higher emissions.
  • The insurance premium also increases significantly. Unfortunately, this type of car is also very popular with thieves. This, in turn, makes comprehensive insurance all the more expensive.
  • You also need special tires for the car, both for summer and winter.

If you are considering buying an SUV, it is advisable to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. For a full-fledged off-roader with all-wheel drive, you can expect a purchase price of around 30,000 dollars. As a family car, you start at 25,000 dollars. You also have to be aware that this car can be difficult to keep in your pocket when it is in maintenance.

Downhill riders often overestimate themselves

Therefore, buyers should consider carefully whether they really need four-wheel drive. “Four-wheel drive is always an advantage when you want to pull heavy loads, such as a caravan, boat or horse trailer,” explains Paulus.

Even those who live in the mountains can often cope better with it. An off-road vehicle is not a prerequisite for this. Because of no matter whether VW Multivan, Opel Insignia or BMW 3 Series – almost every manufacturer also offers a 4×4 drive for at least some of its models.

Some manufacturers such as Subaru even have an all-wheel-drive version in their range for almost all models. If you were wanted to sell your SUV you can directly contact Swift cash for cars for great deals.